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Who is Who in Tibia

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Last PVP event

See who last died concerning levels below and above 100. In whole Tibia and on every world

Find world for you

See how many and who is recently killed on every world. Better do not try to create your first char on world where many low level characters are killed :)

Bosses online

Do you want to hunt Boss monster? Here u can check if any is online. Just now!


Have you ever met someone strange and u'd like to know something more than nick, voc and guild? Here u can find the rest! Actual skills, guild - the last if none for now, his death history and ONLY HERE u can see who he has killed

Guilds by peace

Do you know your world? This can be a surprise. See how much and who is killed by guilds last times


Do you know your world? This can be a surprise. See the TOP of extreme butchers on your world. No more doubt. They are the biggest PA

Coming soon

Have you ever been stolen by a noob char? Maybe you want to take revenge on every character used by your enemy? Doesn't matter same account, hidden or not? What does mean HUNTED if you dont know his other characters?
Everything changes...
Click Featured Warrior naked. TOP killer of last month naked. Sorry, without home address :)
Click See yourself naked to see what is possible to know about You!
Click Find your enemy's characters and hunt him down. Whatever character he will log ^-

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