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Jagiel pachnie Axa
died 8×, -6 lvls
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Eres Gueres
died 90×, -74 lvls


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Second char search results

see FAQ!


he is promoted Druid level 321 (max 323) Magic 94 Fishing 51
Roshamuul Quelibra, 2020-05-23 Inabra
Member of Insanity

Automated analysis process result

Cros Jack

he is promoted Paladin level 728 Shielding 115 Distance 128 Fist 30
Svargrond Quelibra, 2020-05-23 Inabra
Member of Insanity

score: 413, 18

Cros Quelibra

he is Druid level 50 (max 71)
Edron Quelibra
Member of Insanity

score: 90, 3

Crosx Jack

he is Druid level 32 (max 35)
Thais Quelibra
Member of Insanity

score: 55, 2

Isaa Bella

she is Druid level 30
Venore Quelibra

score: 27, 0

Isus Teyda

she is Druid level 8
Venore Quelibra

score: 25, 271


she is promoted Sorcerer level 547 Magic 107 Fist 23
Liberty Bay Quelibra, 2018-06-17 Lobera
loyal guru Member of Insanity

score: 19, 509

Qaras Lindo

he is Knight level 8
Kazordoon Quelibra

score: 17, 346

Qcastan Dodbri

he is Druid level 8
Kazordoon Quelibra

score: 14, 390


he is Druid level 255 (max 275)
Thais Quelibra, 2018-04-10 Shivera
<LAST WAS> Member of Insanity

score: 14, 25


he is promoted Paladin level 777 Shielding 118 Distance 131 Fist 33
Roshamuul Quelibra, 2018-06-26 Lobera
loyal guru Member of Insanity

score: 14, 158


Results from fully automated process of searching characters played by player using given character. Crosziin this time.
This is NOT proof of using listed characters.
This IS result of kind of investigation, some characters activity analysis.
Like all other similar methods this one gives you reasonable suspicion.
How to read
  • One player can play many characters from different accounts.
  • Character listed at top is more probably right compared to the next.
  • The more often used characterss the more reasonable results shown here. Don't expect to see not played characters here. Even if they are from the same account.
  • score, the first number tells you how strong the probability is. Do you want some limits? Sorry, there are no easy answers
  • score, the second number tells you how doubtful the result is, 0 means no doubt
How to verify?
  • If some characters at top have high scores compared to those at bottom - you can be near sure
  • Add main char and those u want to verify to VIP list. Theose characters will blink in most cases. One logout, another login in few seconds. This is proof.
  • Read PVP history. This is very easy and fast using TibiaRing program, especially concerning it's filers capability
  • Look for lower level characters deaths. It is frequent that player takes revenge using his higher level character, isn't it?
  • Look for characters killed in the past. Sometimes they hate him till now and knows some interesting things. You can ask.
  • Think. Even if it hurts. It hurts less after some time of practice.
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tibia.com is the only source of exact information about your favourite online game Tibia.
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