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died 273×, -371 lvls
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died 534×, -379 lvls


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Druid Level 17 (max 37)
Carlin Nika, 2014-08-14 Xerena
Glory rank
Pontos de façanha 1
Último online -412
His last words
Brother to Drakebee and Scopius:)
My Pro in Gamio

2008-06-22 11:39Amedria17Protos Scout26
2008-05-18 21:21Amedria18Pasta tasto35
2008-05-18 21:18Azuriosh10Amedria17
2008-05-18 21:07Militamek12Amedria17
2008-05-18 21:02Arlazed dystansowiec8Amedria17
2008-05-18 20:21Amedria19Dzeja Xerena16
2008-05-18 20:16Nordyx8Amedria17
2008-05-17 22:32Amedria19Vander Bolx50
2008-05-17 22:09Amedria20Evok62
2008-05-17 22:05Amedria20Evok62
2008-05-17 22:04Amedria21Evok62
2008-05-17 22:03Lord master farol8Amedria19
2008-05-15 17:26Stor Jolis32Amedria21
2008-05-15 17:19Amedria22a monk of
Stor Jolis32
2008-05-03 17:38Amedria23Melius Sakumin25
2008-05-01 15:07She Vis15Amedria23
2008-05-01 15:04Amedria23Bobbadefett89
2008-04-26 12:40Amedria24Zielepal35
2007-12-23 12:35Laotis Xarco7Amedria25
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2006-11-10 23:05Xibz13Amedria29
2006-11-10 21:31Goligan Elid6Amedria29
2006-11-10 21:21Kesik-Master Sorcerer6Amedria29
2006-11-10 20:59Roma Sera8Amedria29
2006-11-10 19:46Amedria36Firo De sol42
2006-11-10 19:34Agdzia De sol25Amedria29
2006-11-10 17:40Tsianica13Amedria29
2006-11-10 15:24Lorak Karol7Amedria29
2006-11-09 23:47Amedria37a demon skeleton
2006-11-09 23:21Saran Blant22Amedria29
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