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Rookgaard esta manera
Win Di Buti
died 16×, -3 lvls
Ganador es
Halia Rindofull
died 641×, -384 lvls

Informacion de personaje

Eternal Oblivion

es como
Knight nivel 297 (max 300)
Carlin Amera
<estubo ultimamente en> Bane of Enshrined
Sword 114
Shielding 110
Fist 62
Fishing 87
Glory rank
Puntos de logro 137
Última online -1178
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2008-07-25 07:45Eternal Oblivion299Poochie Luu127
a frost dragon
2008-07-20 06:25Eternal Oblivion300Ghazbaran
2008-07-18 07:33Yiimmi16Eternal Oblivion300
2008-07-18 07:33Hazzardous14Eternal Oblivion300
2008-07-18 07:09Dark Baloy10Eternal Oblivion300
2008-07-18 06:54Tocixity Master10Eternal Oblivion300
2008-07-18 06:51Heidi Bundchen13Eternal Oblivion300
2008-07-18 06:42Dark Baloy11Eternal Oblivion300
2008-07-16 02:42Kaleb kenedy13Eternal Oblivion300
2008-07-16 02:42Pauliix16Eternal Oblivion300
2008-07-16 02:42Garu papi10Eternal Oblivion300
2008-07-16 02:42Don mirinda13Eternal Oblivion300
2008-07-16 02:42Skaifefan9Eternal Oblivion300
2008-07-10 11:08Sir Yankees32Eternal Oblivion300
2008-07-08 08:22Zaliya16Eternal Oblivion300
2008-07-08 08:19Zaliya16Eternal Oblivion300
2008-07-08 08:15Zaliya18Eternal Oblivion300
2008-07-08 08:13Zaliya18Eternal Oblivion300
2008-07-08 07:23Irokiard Royal9Eternal Oblivion300
2008-07-08 07:22Irokiard Royal10Eternal Oblivion300
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la más antigua
2007-01-05 05:00Wylly Sac6Eternal Oblivion290
2006-12-27 23:21Lord Dantes102Eternal Oblivion290
2006-12-27 23:18Saint Goten132Eternal Oblivion290
2006-12-27 23:09Master Knite82Eternal Oblivion290
2006-12-20 07:18Bart GriffwinLegacy102Eternal Oblivion290
2006-12-11 18:30Michal Palinski15Eternal Oblivion290
2006-12-11 18:30Ruruzig7Eternal Oblivion290
2006-12-11 18:20Isahinho7Eternal Oblivion290
2006-12-11 18:15Isahinho8Eternal Oblivion290
2006-11-14 03:44PentCouncil of Power72Eternal Oblivion290
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