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Goll Zion
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Aldwing Chaib
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Shane who likes Cake

is like
promoted Druid level 162
Roshamuul Secura
loyal Innermost Cacaphonicum of Nonsensical Cavalcade
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AC•134 ON•-19
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His last words
“Finally, say that she was beautiful. That is all that can be well said. That she was beautiful, through to her bones, despite any flaw or fault. She was beautiful, to Kvothe at least. At least? To Kvothe she was most beautiful.” [...]
Then he relaxed, like a sail when the wind leaves it. “But to be honest, it must be said that she was beautiful to others as well….”
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achievements 5
2014-12-231395vNonsensical CavalcadeInnermost Cacaphonicum
2008-04-222014-07-272288Misty Mountain HomiesVice LeaderCake Master
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1Bone Brothercommon
1Cake Conquerorxcommon
1Lucid Dreamercommon
1Make a Wishxcommon


shared exp
min level108
max level243

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offline 19 [day]
Last online time: 10 [min]

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time to next levelshould already level up

Level Story

2017-12-07 04:22162
2017-11-14 02:07161
2017-11-14 02:02160
2016-11-19 14:16159
2016-09-19 01:49158

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Achievements134 AC

GLORY rank

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active characters only
SecuraDruid #812
Optional PvPDruid #9,922
Optional PvPall#49,053
TibiaDruid #24,997
2018-09-02 13:11Shane who likes Cake72a souleater
2018-07-17 23:04Shane who likes Cake40Vashresamun
2018-05-30 18:35Shane who likes Cake158a dragon lord
2018-04-14 15:15Shane who likes Cake49an orc warlord
2018-03-10 22:29Shane who likes Cake36Teneshpar
2018-02-24 12:07Shane who likes Cake81a vampire
2018-02-20 14:02Shane who likes Cake111a rot elemental
2018-02-17 12:35Shane who likes Cake49a frazzlemaw
2018-02-12 14:08Shane who likes Cake102a bog raider
2018-01-30 16:09Shane who likes Cake123a hellspawn
2017-10-17 18:46Shane who likes Cake74a war golem
2017-06-07 16:47Shane who likes Cake161a devourer
2017-04-10 20:07Shane who likes Cake82Shane who likes Cake77
2017-04-05 14:21Shane who likes Cake142Milk155
2017-03-16 18:50Shane who likes Cake157a grim reaper
2017-03-15 15:19Shane who likes Cake73a quara hydromancer scout
2017-02-19 16:24Shane who likes Cake151a bonebeast
2017-01-10 18:49Shane who likes Cake137a devourer
2016-11-16 16:54Shane who likes Cake88a demon skeleton
2016-08-27 15:11Shane who likes Cake19a vampire bride
2016-08-26 22:30Shane who likes Cake11a wyrm
2016-08-11 14:09Shane who likes Cake81a blood beast
2016-05-27 22:16Shane who likes Cake152a serpent spawn
2016-04-09 14:28Shane who likes Cake20a souleater
2016-01-19 19:58Shane who likes Cake105a hydra
2015-10-26 16:14Shane who likes Cake9a mutated human
2015-09-28 23:50Shane who likes Cake129a hellspawn
2015-09-21 16:48Shane who likes Cake115a mutated human
2015-08-15 16:36Shane who likes Cake117Shane who likes Cake116
2015-08-07 21:45Shane who likes Cake91a grim reaper
2015-07-27 19:10Shane who likes Cake100a mutated rat
2015-05-26 15:59Shane who likes Cake130a medusa
2015-05-23 13:10Shane who likes Cake157a dragon lord
2015-05-10 20:35Shane who likes Cake139a medusa
2015-05-10 12:02Shane who likes Cake71a Mooh'Tah master
2015-04-04 23:14Shane who likes Cake111a behemoth
2015-03-30 15:44Shane who likes Cake128a kollos
2015-03-26 12:43Shane who likes Cake13a devourer
2015-03-06 22:49Shane who likes Cake129a worm priestess
2014-11-30 17:14Shane who likes Cake149a rot elemental
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