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died 283×, -200 lvls


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Character information

Zerikto Etes

is like
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promoted Knight level 176
Carlin Neptera
<LAST WAS> loyal Elite Front Line of Para Nossa Alegria
Club 106
Glory rank
Achievement points 29
Last online -3
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2015-02-032015-03-2248vPara Nossa AlegriaElite Front Line
2013-06-272013-06-282Fade AcademyRespetableRespetable
2012-12-282012-12-314vvPvpe ten NoteMemberBlocador

2015-05-11 21:51Zerikto Etes174a charged energy elemental
2015-03-07 18:49Borade64Zerikto Etes171
2015-02-10 19:46Zerikto Etes166a deepling warrior
Zerikto Etes166
2014-04-23 16:45Zerikto Etes157Blink Ridder73
Maria senhora72
2014-03-16 21:38Zerikto Etes146an undead gladiator
2014-03-01 11:15Zerikto Etes139a giant spider
2013-11-27 14:56Zerikto Etes136a crawler
2013-06-23 23:18Zerikto Etes136Frozt Stinger128
Bombeu Bombilho Bomboso121
2013-06-20 01:00Claudety Chyclety47Zerikto Etes134
2013-06-20 00:59Lady Monstrinha45Zerikto Etes134
2013-06-10 18:11Kurosaki Isshiin144Zerikto Etes130
2013-04-17 06:38Kim Possyyble46Zerikto Etes99
2013-04-17 06:37Warrior of Faithh38Zerikto Etes99
2013-04-16 20:19Raniboll76Zerikto Etes98
2013-04-16 00:22Zerikto Etes98an adept of the cult
2013-01-31 20:23Bruninhaasz35Zerikto Etes88
2012-11-26 05:23Carol Portaluppi46Zerikto Etes59
2011-08-23 15:42Theleahas Abrey18Zerikto Etes33
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the oldest
2010-09-09 06:31Zerikto Etes20Shiveki200
2010-08-16 03:25Lucas Liu15Zerikto Etes13
2009-11-22 20:07Thed Bill13Zerikto Etes10
2009-07-21 03:36Zerikto Etes9Rufus The Furry16
2009-07-21 01:48Zerikto Etes10Passado obscuro34
2009-06-28 23:25Guerilla Avenger7Zerikto Etes10
2009-06-12 02:20Zerikto Etes10Terra Sparrowx31
2009-06-12 02:18Zerikto Etes10Lady Denomy48
2009-06-12 02:17Gappus Kyondorke13Zerikto Etes10
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