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Mercenaria Lokaa
died 12×, -7 lvls
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Spawn Kbuum
died 335×, -425 lvls


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Glory warriors

What is GLORY?
A bit complicated point system. Just like Ferrari. Complicated, but you don't need to understand it. Just get in and ride!
What should you know? There are some most important rules:
  • System analyses all kills and gives +points to killers, -points to loser.
  • More killers - less points, assist - some points, solo - yeah, max!
  • Much lower level killed? Lower points earned, lower points lost.
  • Much higher level killed? Wow, more points!
  • Some anti-cheat rules like always in TibiaRing :) Those stats are for real fighters only. No points for jokes!
  • Points decrease over time. Effect? Rank is based on kills from 3 months but last days kills have more points power. If you do kill some people one day and get high rank do it next day or your rank will drop! We are looking for real warriors on our lands!
  • Every level have chance to be on top. We do not count numbers. We do count quality!
  • Take a look for details (D button).
    For example average kills points. Low? He is killing low levels or in big groups mainly. High? Be careful! He is dangerous!
    Or average death points. Low? You need to be much higher level or get big group to kill him!
All worlds TOP 10
3 months regressive points (decreasing over time)
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MundoAsesinoNivelGuildRankpuntosaverage kill pointsaverage death pointskills countassist countdeath countsolo kills
All worldsWorld typeWorld
SerdebraMann cha406Enterprise Alliance111126,16737129485111214343
SerdebraPodeh pah254Enterprise Alliance222117,6677211724471039131
QuinteraCompa Tipo223No Way331117,4878414021185714035
SerdebraSacred Bombx253Enterprise Alliance44399,046546825431079412
SerdebraNestup141Enterprise Alliance55496,813861611751471159
SolideraSabrina Dietz171Unstopables66192,34248943084641059
SolideraSattoo142Acord Os77290,87870992359801808
SerdebraRoldsona Johnius164Enterprise Alliance88589,7358510616699212816
SerdebraEhside Durebento130Enterprise Alliance99688,85580721606381177
SerdebraKleber Casadas Bombas361Enterprise Alliance1010787,40048147319318825667
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