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Professor Lambida
died 3×, -2 lvls
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Jukej Bandycka
died 23×, -34 lvls


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Guild stats


Founded2017-08-12 (99 days)
LeaderSeth Spectral
one of18
max46 2017-10-17
Achievement points7,373
GLORY rank
GLORY points-1,525
total GLORY power228
It's official
All I want to do
Is be more like me
And be less like you...
onlineLevel AVGLORY power
this week15389228100%
Under attack
How do you think, are counts important?
Really?! Is it important to have 30 players online? Losers, afkers but many?
We don’t think so. Better to have ONE real fighter who fight, win and survive!
That’s where GLORY comes into play.
  • GLORY points (guild value) – current glory ranking points. All points earned in the name of guild. Both actual members and not. This is the long term value of guild. Look at this if you think about joining them or compare guilds.
  • Total GLORY power (guild value) – sum of positive GLORY power points of all guild members. Losers don’t count. This is the real, short term, power measure. Look at this value before battle!
  • GLORY power – personal GLORY points.
  • Guild GLORY - personal GLORY points earned in the name of guild.
GLORY points and GLORY power points. What is the difference?

GLORY points lose value over time. High value means active, successful fighter and are ideal to measure personal value of character or guild as all. It says how powerful guild is in day by day playing and how much glory points player earned in the name of his guild.

GLORY power points are personal points earned by guild members. They are more important in short term events like “hey, guys, come for battle!”. Battle? Better check total GLORY power, your opponent’s too, because it tells you about summary of ability to kill and survive.

Last onlineRankNameVocLevelTitleFromDaysguruloyalAchievement pointsGLORY
average kill pointsaverage death pointskills countassist countdeath countsolo kills
todayOneMente LunaticaK7352017-08-1597vv59213713721801000
todayDisturbedDad JofreyD5272017-08-1696vv353
todayDisturbedLelwin MascD2152017-08-1993vv408
todayDisturbedViollent KingP2782017-09-1170v189
-2DisturbedSir PeninP283Geraldo Gremio2017-10-0942v337
-12DisturbedKael SothK3062017-10-1239v766
-5DisturbedAxe FinsternisD2882017-10-1437v226-760-76010412971011
todayOneSeth SpectralS653Madimbu2017-10-1734v93291918902000
-8DisturbedDrack RoyalP4742017-10-1932v492
todayDisturbedSaint RaphaelP1962017-11-011963
todayNorthRolland DeschainK4992017-11-182558
Last onlineRankNameVocLevelTitletoDaysguruloyalGuildGLORY for guildpersonal GLORY points
todayDisturbedRobbynK339Brucewayne2017-11-1956vSweet Dreams
todayOneShoxiezS5022017-11-192Sweet Dreams
todayDisturbedMiss FritolinaK3032017-11-1934vSweet Dreams
todayDisturbedNina LeeK1352017-11-1979vvSweet Dreams
todayNewHunter hillP2432017-11-192Sweet Dreams
todayOneNature WizardD4692017-11-192Sweet Dreams
todayDisturbedMad Woman FailP2712017-11-1994vvSweet Dreams-762-762
todayNewLuxeyS4472017-11-192Sweet Dreams
todayOneMente PensanteD6332017-11-196Sweet Dreams
todayDisturbedFuture JackS4282017-11-1911Sweet Dreams
todayDisturbedJohn BumK2112017-11-1993vv
todayOneKughvS315Tia Kug2017-11-1963vSweet Dreams19921855
todayDisturbedJax RushS2322017-11-1979vvSweet Dreams
-3DisturbedWells ParguK4442017-11-1819Sweet Dreams140140
-3DisturbedLynxs VoutanP1792017-11-1892vv
todayDisturbedKydokD4082017-11-1898vvSweet Dreams496496
todayOneAndreD328Kuririn2017-11-1893vvSweet Dreams-3778-3778
todayNewChandzK3042017-11-181Sweet Dreams
-2DisturbedShinigami AshK1432017-11-1871v-283-283
todayDisturbedMente CaoticaD454Wellza2017-11-1849vSweet Dreams
todayNorthOlasius'KnightK4042017-11-181Sweet Dreams
todayOneKharsekK1096Catra2017-11-1894vvSweet Dreams
-67DisturbedKhanon TurielP1672017-11-1873v
todayDisturbedZiguidP162Homem da garrafa2017-11-1892vvSweet Dreams821821
-3DisturbedViollent LuthurK3372017-11-1489vv
-12DisturbedJalk SonD3832017-11-1451v
-44DisturbedShaw RisenS2392017-11-1479vv
-52DisturbedJuliie JubixK2372017-11-1479vv
-24DisturbedGodinao ChumbetaK2552017-11-1451v
todayOneKuvshS542Jack Sparrow2017-11-1394vv112112

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