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Guild stats

Red Line
2015-11-17 (13 days)
Leader: Herak Toyaa, one of 2 (max 2 2015-11-17)
GLORY rank 16=/663/690
Achievement points: 62
GLORY points 2,281
total GLORY power 16,681
onlineمستوى AVGLORY power
this week0000%
Under attack
How do you think, are counts important?
Really?! Is it important to have 30 players online? Losers, afkers but many?
We don’t think so. Better to have ONE real fighter who fight, win and survive!
That’s where GLORY comes into play.
  • GLORY points (guild value) – current glory ranking points. All points earned in the name of guild. Both actual members and not. This is the long term value of guild. Look at this if you think about joining them or compare guilds.
  • Total GLORY power (guild value) – sum of positive GLORY power points of all guild members. Losers don’t count. This is the real, short term, power measure. Look at this value before battle!
  • GLORY power – personal GLORY points.
  • Guild GLORY - personal GLORY points earned in the name of guild.
GLORY points and GLORY power points. What is the difference?

GLORY points lose value over time. High value means active, successful fighter and are ideal to measure personal value of character or guild as all. It says how powerful guild is in day by day playing and how much glory points player earned in the name of his guild.

GLORY power points are personal points earned by guild members. They are more important in short term events like “hey, guys, come for battle!”. Battle? Better check total GLORY power, your opponent’s too, because it tells you about summary of ability to kill and survive.

Last onlineRankNameVocمستوىTitleFromDaysguruloyalAchievement pointsGLORY
average kill pointsaverage death pointskills countassist countdeath countsolo kills
-10LeaderHerak ToyaaD792015-11-1318vv3911539228113311392012
Last onlineRankNameVocمستوىTitletoDaysguruloyalGuildGLORY for guildpersonal GLORY points

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