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by Prince Escanor

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Rookgaard this way
Simiao Boltada Nervosa
died 14×, -25 lvls
Winner is
Leo Opressor
died 226×, -743 lvls


Who is Who in Tibia

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Top 10 rare achievements

1The Snowmanx1
Rado of Elera Vunira
 1171 AC
Tarra La Patita Gentebra
 1199 AC
Vand Woodstock Inabra
 1173 AC
3Unleash the Beast4
Maelstrom Belobra
 1085 AC
Fortt Secura
 799 AC
Mac Beast Calmera
 716 AC
Gabi Todin Celebra
 627 AC
Tarra La Patita Gentebra
 1199 AC
Mage Barker Quintera
 1170 AC
Hero Reis Astera
 1164 AC
Dhany Kenora
 547 AC
2Vortex Tamer5
Firdeso Secura
 1229 AC
Machinbear Nefera
 1183 AC
Ki Naitao Gentebra
 1118 AC
Belintina Secura
 315 AC
Sirvin Pacera
 117 AC
1Steppe Elegance5
Firdeso Secura
 1229 AC
Vand Woodstock Inabra
 1173 AC
Voxarr Premia
 1023 AC
Beatrix Kiddo Vunira
 1014 AC
Yuuki no Ou Secura
 712 AC
1Lizard Kingdom6
Firdeso Secura
 1229 AC
Norelli Premia
 1134 AC
Lee kun Pacera
 1092 AC
Voxarr Premia
 1023 AC
Fok Secura
 370 AC
1Exalted Battle Mage6
Firdeso Secura
 1229 AC
Machinbear Nefera
 1183 AC
Greversh Secura
 1176 AC
Chronus Legacy Celebra
 1165 AC
Clarao de lua Descubra
 1135 AC
1Inquisiton's Handx7
Refri Bona
 1146 AC
Merry Stem Olera
 953 AC
Dark Black Magician Celebra
 932 AC
Dani Thorgerd Astera
 710 AC
Alessa Crowley Honbra
 433 AC
3You got Horse Power8
Laragott Wintera
 1174 AC
Hero Reis Astera
 1164 AC
Prince Escanor Nefera
 904 AC
Mac Beast Calmera
 716 AC
Air Dudu Belobra
 609 AC
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