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Rookgaard desta forma
Moso Archerman
died 4×, -2 lvls
Vencedor é
Malath Ragno
died 288×, -292 lvls


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Top 10 rare achievements

1Wedding Planner1
Lee kun Pacera
 1218 AC
1Beaver Away1
Lee kun Pacera
 1218 AC
1Snake Pit2
Lee kun Pacera
 1218 AC
Pest Enghaw Astera
 405 AC
Lord Marshals Peloria
 1226 AC
Edgar De'Furious Gentebra
 1197 AC
Gorochu Wintera
 1092 AC
1Royalty of Hazard3
Special Frank Quelibra
 1220 AC
Edu Apocalypse Belobra
 1001 AC
Mateetz Venebra
 480 AC
1Friendly Fire3
Alucarr Antica
 1144 AC
Cato Wintera
 684 AC
Wolfighter Serdebra
 585 AC
Firdeso Secura
 1310 AC
Lee kun Pacera
 1218 AC
Hunter of Dragoes Pacera
 834 AC
1Hot on the Trail5
Firdeso Secura
 1310 AC
Arkdz Belobra
 1266 AC
Osw aldo Celebra
 1263 AC
Khamir Harmonia
 1254 AC
Noether Yonabra
 722 AC
1Shell We Take a Ride5
Firdeso Secura
 1310 AC
Lee kun Pacera
 1218 AC
Edgar De'Furious Gentebra
 1197 AC
Cassiiando Kalibra
 821 AC
Durandal of Valor Secura
 792 AC
1Citizen of Issavi6
Firdeso Secura
 1310 AC
Lee kun Pacera
 1218 AC
Edgar De'Furious Gentebra
 1197 AC
Mi Curita Talera
 411 AC
Agnees Kalibra
 285 AC
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