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Rookgaard this way
Oscar Ceniceros
died 4×, -2 lvls
Winner is
Leeloo Minai Lekatariba
died 56×, -36 lvls


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Bosses online

players online117
characters in world27,615
characters active8,802
Bosses last seen
BossLast seen
Midnight Panther2024-04-16 21:47
White Pale2024-04-15 12:38
Tremorak2024-04-13 20:45
Incineron2024-04-13 20:37
The Big Bad One2024-04-12 13:57
Rukor Zad2024-04-03 03:18
Warlord Ruzad2024-03-31 16:47
Zevelon Duskbringer2024-03-30 03:02
The Old Widow2024-03-17 16:00
Yaga The Crone2024-03-15 13:40
Grorlam2024-03-13 23:44
The Evil Eye2024-03-11 16:26
Azerus2024-03-06 03:11
Yeti2024-03-03 15:12
Tyrn2024-03-03 04:52
Big Boss Trolliver2024-02-26 11:31
Apprentice Sheng2024-02-12 22:43
Pythius The Rotten2024-02-11 22:22
The Old Whopper2024-01-29 01:13
Omrafir2024-01-19 17:29
General Murius2024-01-10 23:32
Tirecz2023-12-18 21:43
Coldheart2023-12-11 22:31
The Dreadorian2023-12-10 04:12
The Horned Fox2023-12-09 02:05
Hellgorak2023-11-24 05:00
Zugurosh2023-10-07 16:17
Foreman Kneebiter2023-10-03 06:42
Annihilon2023-09-12 04:41
Koshei The Deathless2023-08-09 00:39
Rocko2023-07-30 19:05
Rottie The Rotworm2023-06-28 18:54
Arachir the Ancient One2023-05-17 23:51
Ungreez2023-05-15 15:09
Sir Valorcrest2023-04-25 13:38
Marziel2023-04-23 08:19
Leviathan2023-04-22 22:14
Hide2023-04-19 15:22
The Handmaiden2023-04-02 00:27
Diblis The Fair2023-03-29 16:54
Dreadwing2023-03-19 18:08
Doomhowl2023-03-14 15:20
Ushuriel2023-02-19 20:04
Zulazza The Corruptor2023-02-19 17:15
Fahim The Wise2023-02-18 16:17
Tiquandas Revenge2023-02-18 08:08
Demodras2023-02-10 20:18
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