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Rookgaard desta forma
Legend Trollsito
died 18×, -7 lvls
Vencedor é
Malath Ragno
died 288×, -292 lvls


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players online125
characters in world27,807
characters active8,353
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Tiquandas Revenge2022-07-31 14:31
Incineron2022-07-30 20:34
Hide2022-07-28 05:34
Tyrn2022-07-26 21:35
The Old Widow2022-07-26 03:15
White Pale2022-07-06 17:16
Pythius The Rotten2022-07-01 19:51
Hellgorak2022-05-15 04:32
The Count2022-05-10 18:12
Munster2022-05-09 17:59
Coldheart2022-05-05 04:45
Tirecz2022-04-22 17:23
Ungreez2022-04-05 13:16
Apprentice Sheng2022-02-13 20:38
Ushuriel2022-02-07 17:54
Dharalion2021-12-15 01:06
Tremorak2021-09-23 03:13
Koshei The Deathless2021-06-19 07:55
Zevelon Duskbringer2021-06-01 14:21
The Dreadorian2021-06-01 04:45
Omrafir2021-05-04 16:10
Azerus2021-04-14 03:16
Foreman Kneebiter2021-04-03 19:06
Grorlam2021-04-01 01:27
The Axeorcist2021-03-16 20:46
Rocko2021-03-16 17:44
Doomhowl2021-03-15 02:26
Annihilon2021-03-13 21:31
Sharptooth2020-11-12 23:04
The Mutated Pumpkin2020-11-03 07:47
Stonecracker2020-11-01 21:23
Sir Valorcrest2020-10-31 15:28
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