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Azmodan Bramblekiss
died 29×, -21 lvls
Winner is
Dean Viesel
died 542×, -603 lvls


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Second characters finder

You can enter name of a character and get list of other characters played by the given/same owner.
Results are not immediate. Open this page after some time after registration.
Warning: Don't even try to check unused - not logged character. There will be no results or results will be probably crazy. This tool is working only against used characters! More used, better results.

see FAQ!

Paid service
PayPal temporary disabled
Cost: 3 EUR, about 3.4 USD
One code can be used to check one character
Codes are valid for a lifetime

Enter character name. The results will show another characters typed as used by this character's owner.

Possibility to find characters played by owner of given character. Noob chars, main chars, same account and hidden, different accounts, shared, borrowed...
Try on yourself free, choose Check on yourself

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