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What is Tibia?

Tibia is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online RPG) called free to play. Called, because full participation requires payment. Small in relation to other games and without popular payment extorting schemes in exchange for superior advantage.
Tibia is as fascinating for poor as it is for the rich ones. Is there any sense playing without paying? Sure it is, not only for a test.

You play as Sorcerer, Druid, Paladin or Knight and delve into the magical world of Tibia offering unique gameplay experience, which even the producer is no longer able to destroy.
The game presents average graphics but for those who like rich online games, the gameplay is more important.
This feature of Tibia can't be concealed. The world of Tibia is so huge and so rich that it is impossible to experience it even geographically (visit everything) over the years.

  • Thousands of items - weapons, furniture, enchanted rings, treats, useless junk.
  • Thousands of rooms, houses and shops for rent in big cities, small villages off the beaten track or lonely in the middle of nowhere.
  • Thousands of tasks (quests) to complete if only you feel like it. From simple - find the box and open it, to ones requiring the participation of virtually the entire community, up to so extensive and complex that... on the forums of Tibia fans you can find long threads about them and no winner for years.
  • Thousands of people, if you don't have enough of them. You're a loner at the moment? No problem. A little searching and you may not meet other players for weeks.
  • Thousands of enemies, if you have talent and you try.
  • A few friends. Yes, few, after years of participation in the game. This is the most unique feature of this game and the wealth of possible situations and behaviors. In Tibia, among the troubles and dangers, it's not difficult to recognize the people worth of trust and friendship as you comprehend it.
    Those few, if friendship is the word having its own value to you, hundreds, if you think it's the same as a good buddy. From the whole real world. Black, white, yellow, green... ops. I'm not sure about some :)

How to start?
Tibia.com - create an account.
Discover the game in the shoes of producer www.Tibia.com.
Be sure to explore the officially supported fansites related to Tibia. Their advantage is huge amount of helpful information in multiple languages. Negative? Censorship of the game producer.
Look for unofficial pages about Tibia, if you can use the Internet wisely. There are many, very valuable sites, but lost in the crowd of deceivers.
Especially recommendable are the forums. You can find them in most languages and... no one dictates you what you should think and talk about Tibia.

You don't need any additional programs to play, except those from Tibia.com. If you can't find pleasure in playing without programs that do it for you, then at least wait. First learn a little about the game, people, websites.
Terms and conditions of Tibia don't prohibit the use of information from sources other than the official.
First of all, prohibits the use of programs that automate the game for the player. Rightly in my opinion.

Your fun and all information here come from tibia.com due to day by day effort of cipsoft gmbh
tibia.com is the only source of exact information about your favourite online game Tibia.
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