¿Qué es Tibia?¿es seguro este sitio?
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Patrao Vitao Tny
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Revolution is done!
TibiaRing presents the new level of experience to the Tibian community. Exploring the rich of internet resources about Tibia was never before so easy and so international.

There are few valuable sites around Tibia in the internet as you know. All have it's own, unique point of view and specialization. Can u find all interesting information in exactly one place? Not in TibiaRing itself or in any other site. Let's get character information. There are different goals for TibiaRing, Erig and Pskonejott resulting in different information on the same topic.
Why not to give you a way to link them together?
More, the Tibian community is international and multilingual. Sure, English is official language but who of us can say "my English is perfect" if it's not his native language?
TibiaRing is trying to be multilingual but most other sites are English based. Erig or even Tibia.Com in Spanish, Portugal, Swedish or even Chinese? The future is now, here xD.

Have you seen Tibia.Com's forum in your own language? No? You simply must try it! Click T button wherever you will see it, to see translated site.
Move mouse above text to see original sentences.
Click the "better translation" and enter better translation version if you are sure. This helps the translations to be much better in near future. Let the translator learn from you!

You can click every time when there is character name, guild name, monster, world, everywhere where cursor becomes a hand like above standard link.
Try it. You will LOVE this!

The only you need is to have JavaScript enabled.

Emm, lol
TibiaRing is trying to be multilingual as you can see.
Would you like to see TibiaRing in your own language or improve existing translations?
This is not a problem!
TibiaRing has it's own translation system allowing to prepare new language in 30 minutes.
The only thing I need to do this is... your help.
Would you like to help? Post message.
The only you need is some free time, sensible English understanding level and, hehe, good knowledge of your own language in the clear form.
Having your help and smile I’ll have more time to work on this site. If you’re not new here than you know I will :)

Have fun in Tibia!
Your fun and all information here come from tibia.com due to day by day effort of cipsoft gmbh
tibia.com is the only source of exact information about your favourite online game Tibia.
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