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Rookgaard this way
Rata Jedionda
died 3×, -2 lvls
Winner is
Ko kao
died 672×, -399 lvls


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Top 10 rare achievements

1The More the Merrier1
Pirre Pilskjutare Vunira
 501 AC
2Cobbled and Patchedx2
Firdeso Secura
 1059 AC
Machinbear Honera
 1013 AC
1Scurge of Scarabs2
Magoh Do Inferno Pacera
 524 AC
Coronel Asura Pacera
 318 AC
Enduroman Harmonia
 1014 AC
Moriteru Quintera
 965 AC
2Skilled Hunter3
Itz Niir Guardia
 758 AC
Fortt Secura
 674 AC
Art Has Kenora
 298 AC
Fenom Secura
 316 AC
Mardza at taklid Kenora
 149 AC
Carina Kusanagy Veludera
 70 AC
1Forbidden Knowledgex5
Firdeso Secura
 1059 AC
Machinbear Honera
 1013 AC
Orangutan Ricardo Veludera
 1002 AC
Verceli Estela
 989 AC
Haffey Secura
 630 AC
1Little Adventure6
Firdeso Secura
 1059 AC
Fenom Secura
 316 AC
Lady Legend Lissandra Pacera
 167 AC
Maximus Revenger Descubra
 56 AC
Lexi Fleksi Kenora
 19 AC
1Buried the Baron6
Firdeso Secura
 1059 AC
Pomujo Secura
 807 AC
Anicca Secura
 646 AC
Memed Amera
 597 AC
Mad Woman Fail Luminera
 491 AC
Sir Castellan Fidera
 910 AC
Broczi Premia
 431 AC
Mooglejuice Fidera
 25 AC
Noscoped Peloria
 6 AC
Mukiador Dihouse Impera
 0 AC
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