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AchievementsHigh and Dry
by Graner

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Rookgaard this way
Lord of soad
died 20×, -3 lvls
Winner is
Thurk Druid
died 41×, -89 lvls


Who is Who in Tibia

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Top 10 rare achievements

1High and Dryx1
Graner Pacera
 824 AC
1The More the Merrier1
Bow ani Vunira
 558 AC
2Vortex Tamer2
Machinbear Nefera
 1077 AC
Firdeso Secura
 1070 AC
1King Of The Jungle2
Count Fetbojj Noctera
 934 AC
Lee kun Pacera
 873 AC
Lee kun Pacera
 873 AC
Hunter of Dragoes Celesta
 433 AC
1Library Liberator3
Eduziik Gentebra
 731 AC
Dodeek Gentebra
 730 AC
Poderoso Knott Gentebra
 515 AC
1Glooth Punk3
Lee kun Pacera
 873 AC
Saurian Shadowflesh Antica
 549 AC
Hardy Kuba Monza
 269 AC
1Twisted Dreams3
Lee kun Pacera
 873 AC
Weverwakeup Belobra
 377 AC
Nilix Daem Firmera
 325 AC
1Mummys Dearest4
Lee kun Pacera
 873 AC
Whicksell Solidera
 474 AC
Hunter of Dragoes Celesta
 433 AC
Weverwakeup Belobra
 377 AC
1Stronghold of Edron4
Lee kun Pacera
 873 AC
Titiu Hay Kalibra
 479 AC
Don Guton Descubra
 190 AC
Beheader Luminera
 177 AC
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