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Rookgaard this way
Baba Elegu
died 10×, -8 lvls
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Veneficus Paralyzer
died 474×, -468 lvls


Who is Who in Tibia

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Top 10 rare achievements

1The More the Merrier1
Bow ani Kenora
 590 AC
2Vortex Tamer2
Firdeso Secura
 1152 AC
Machinbear Nefera
 1111 AC
1Champion of Summerx4
Sibon Faur Vunira
 1088 AC
Lee kun Pacera
 945 AC
Ryude Antica
 397 AC
Niime the Hermit Ferobra
 356 AC
1Mummy's Dearest4
Lee kun Pacera
 945 AC
Hunter of Dragoes Celesta
 521 AC
Whicksell Solidera
 475 AC
Knight Danadaum Luminera
 244 AC
Firdeso Secura
 1152 AC
Machinbear Nefera
 1111 AC
Big Bad Kamil Harmonia
 547 AC
Mad Lynn Gladera
 513 AC
1Glooth Punk4
Lee kun Pacera
 945 AC
Edgar De'Furious Gentebra
 696 AC
Saurian Shadowflesh Antica
 549 AC
Hardy Kuba Monza
 329 AC
1Tied the Knotx5
Lee kun Pacera
 945 AC
Luan Hsur Astera
 339 AC
Witkaszi Antica
 280 AC
Lukas Lost Azuado Serdebra
 268 AC
White Quaritch Ferobra
 150 AC
1King Of The Jungle5
Count Fetbojj Noctera
 1009 AC
Lee kun Pacera
 945 AC
Uyih Ferobra
 782 AC
Edgar De'Furious Gentebra
 696 AC
Aaa Aaa Lutabra
 6 AC
1Twisted Dreams5
Lee kun Pacera
 945 AC
Asghareon Nefera
 863 AC
Edgar De'Furious Gentebra
 696 AC
Weverwakeup Belobra
 504 AC
Nilix Daem Firmera
 326 AC
1The Ogre Steppe5
Lee kun Pacera
 945 AC
Anhur the Bearer Ferobra
 900 AC
Fleth Tyron Peloria
 892 AC
Abella Dark Talera
 384 AC
Kakashij Kenora
 257 AC
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