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Mateus Fullpower
died 316×, -339 lvls
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Mateus Fullpower
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Glory warriors

What is GLORY?
A bit complicated point system. Just like Ferrari. Complicated, but you don't need to understand it. Just get in and ride!
What should you know? There are some most important rules:
  • System analyses all kills and gives +points to killers, -points to loser.
  • More killers - less points, assist - some points, solo - yeah, max!
  • Much lower level killed? Lower points earned, lower points lost.
  • Much higher level killed? Wow, more points!
  • Some anti-cheat rules like always in TibiaRing :) Those stats are for real fighters only. No points for jokes!
  • Points decrease over time. Effect? Rank is based on kills from 3 months but last days kills have more points power. If you do kill some people one day and get high rank do it next day or your rank will drop! We are looking for real warriors on our lands!
  • Every level have chance to be on top. We do not count numbers. We do count quality!
  • Take a look for details (D button).
    For example average kills points. Low? He is killing low levels or in big groups mainly. High? Be careful! He is dangerous!
    Or average death points. Low? You need to be much higher level or get big group to kill him!
All worlds TOP 10
3 months regressive points (decreasing over time)
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WorldKillerLevelGuildRankpointsaverage kill pointsaverage death pointskills countassist countdeath countsolo kills
All worldsWorld typeWorld
GarneraLith Meree181Closed111193,971972022948965286
CalveraDigdin Travei366Almighty Thoughts221112,725497249259173120
GarneraSophie Milward190Closed332105,610117149111571554
GarneraSigo fiok100Closed44382,85691143137046653
GarneraGabo Crusher226Closed55470,675706682000986792
IrmadaCadu Sabugo241Headless66169,2854659741775176
ShiveraMhatonsito kiu130Rebelaosz77168,41513622382545226
ShiveraCrongar Galeniel83Charallave99266,08911512374210380
LauderaSir Misterios282Invictus1010165,7465517217901036381
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