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Rookgaard this way
Henry Maguinho
died 11×, -2 lvls
Winner is
died 177×, -189 lvls


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Preferrable PVP summons, see what others are using to kill

Hey, man! What would u like to use to kill today? Transformer? Lol, noob, post to CIP then.
Or look what is mainly used in real world. Tibia :P

SummonKills countAverage killed level
a fire elemental394962
a frazzlemaw1196182
an orc berserker95630
a grim reaper753152
a lizard chosen744107
a hellspawn741101
a guzzlemaw721275
an ancient scarab65452
a giant spider53554
a ghastly dragon455171
a choking fear430263
a vicious squire39069
a silencer384217
a retching horror372287
a demon skeleton35162
a hero33776
a drillworm33271
a bonebeast31558
a dark torturer311298
a wereboar26476
a trap245437
a plaguesmith238162
a vile grandmaster21684
a vexclaw210274
a serpent spawn207160
a war golem203110
a behemoth201106
a lizard high guard19388
a werebadger19363
a demon190226
a medusa184157
a nightmare177117
a demon outcast170325
a dragon15455
a worker golem15362
a worm priestess15398
a glooth bandit151124
a frost dragon14887
a glooth golem146153
a wyrm13876
a lizard zaogun13198
a cyclops13126
a glooth brigand124131
a renegade knight11477
an undead gladiator10980
an ogre brute10752
a cave rat10724
a rat10521
a minotaur hunter10490
a hydra101129
a hellhound101303
a lizard legionnaire9888
a quara predator97101
a crystalcrusher97119
a crystal spider9660
a dragon lord9474
a lizard dragon priest9481
a crawler9270
a souleater89132
a mooh'tah warrior81101
a corym skirmisher8146
a glooth anemone78181
a destroyer77219
a devourer75140
a grimeleech74293
a hellflayer72345
a metal gargoyle70113
a water elemental6772
a bog raider6554
a rustheap golem65133
an orc warlord6250
a wiggler61108
a blood beast5982
a killer caiman5861
a midnight asura57158
a glooth blob55133
a draken spellweaver53236
a nightmare scion5292
a juggernaut52346
a monk5017
an undead dragon50246
a rot elemental48112
a clomp4852
a mutated rat4789
an orc leader4738
a werebear47100
a waspoid4679
a minotaur guard4644
an ice golem4549
a shock head45184
a dawnfire asura43153
a sight43266
a deepling warrior4388
a blightwalker43281
a cyclops smith4235
a weeper42253
a brimstone bug41121
an execowtioner40120
a mummy3941
a dragon hatchling3978
a ghoul3731
a fire devil3751
an earth elemental3768
a wyvern3749
a quara pincher36110
a vampire3657
an energy elemental36231
a swarmer3557
a moohtant34146
a draken abomination34225
a tarantula3431
a mutated bat33122
a gozzler3370
a draken warmaster32193
a vampire viscount3266
a werewolf3196
a mutated tiger3166
a scarab3146
a feverish citizen3024
an ogre savage3054
a rotworm2918
an elder wyrm29141
a witch2828
a spitter28116
a necromancer2852
a crypt shambler2741
a banshee27103
a deepling guard26164
a lich2697
a corym vanguard2654
an ironblight26278
The Old Widow2694
a hideous fungus25267
a stampor2493
a dwarf guard2435
a terramite2428
Mamma Longlegs2357
a valkyrie2325
a minotaur archer2231
an orc warrior2217
a lost basher21165
a lost berserker21317
a phantasm21260
a Mooh'Tah master2164
a blue djinn2055
a betrayed wraith20277
a frost dragon hatchling2092
a humongous fungus20266
a warlock19141
a stone golem1962
a quara pincher scout1951
a carniphila1845
a marid1857
a roaring lion1850
a spidris18136
a scorpion1830
a braindeath1846
a hellfire fighter18222
a yielothax1868
a mutated human1849
a humorless fungus17238
an orewalker17256
a minion17314
a dwarf soldier1647
a troll-trained salamander1610
a massive earth elemental16114
a larva1533
a zombie1547
a draken elite15216
a cyclops drone1530
a quara hydromancer scout14123
a kollos14129
a vampire bride1454
an insectoid worker1474
a blood priest1483
a corym charlatan1468
Pythius the rotten13119
a lost soul13302
a cliff strider12299
a son12260
a clay guardian1292
a poison spider1223
a magicthrower12106
a mammoth1144
a quara predator scout1163
a wailing widow1181
a deepling spellsinger11118
a diamond servant replica11153
a lost thrower11141
a mechanical fighter1152
Fallen Mooh'Tah Master Ghar11105
a sacred spider1163
a gravedigger11121
a carrion worm1011
reality reaver10276
a hand10237
a terrorsleep10294
a death blob1072
an iron servant replica10176
a slime1029
a lost husher1091
a green djinn1081
a lava golem10238
an assassin1050
a spidris elite10190
a pit reaver9523
a sparkion9208
a fury9291
a quara hydromancer977
a wasp921
Lady Tenebris9273
Dragonking Zyrtarch9288
an emerald damselfly932
a dwarf henchman962
a breach brood9168
a squidgy slime959
an eternal guardian8194
a magma crawler8211
Glooth Fairy8263
a lancer beetle891
a blood hand852
a wilting leaf golem835
a massive fire elemental8102
a ghost867
a pit fiend8149
a dawnfly88
a quara mantassin875
an enslaved dwarf7126
a sea serpent7144
a vulcongra7176
a gargoyle736
a minotaur mage779
a rorc748
a bug715
a spirit749
a minotaur occultist713
a lavahole756
an omnivora7126
a water buffalo726
Svoren the Mad691
a bonelord644
a defiler6304
The Obliverator697
an infected weeper6262
an amazon615
a tomb servant640
a wolf627
a minotaur poacher611
a minotaur amazon6162
a mountain troll69
a dark monk647
a nomad658
an acolyte592
a pirate marauder552
a centipede539
a golden servant replica5162
an enraged crystal golem5100
an elder bonelord578
a hunter556
a meadow strider58
a snake520
an instable breach brood582
a minion5260
an energized raging mage543
a skeleton514
The Dreadorian5102
an elf arcanist528
a massive water elemental5129
a poacher534
a sandstone scorpion5119
a pirate cutthroat548
a dragon wrath5298
an elephant525
an efreet593
a quara constrictor566
a spectre5190
a dark magician595
a blood crab525
an orc510
a mad technomancer567
a dragon servant5292
a deepling scout467
a minotaur440
an adept465
a deathspawn4315
a bat417
a merlkin461
an elder mummy454
a pit blackling4333
a pirate buccaneer462
a spider429
a thorn minion4291
The Time Guardian4277
an eye4244
a rift worm4102
a pit battler4234
a swamp troll413
an enlightened460
The Masked Marauder492
an elf scout338
a mounted thorn knight3285
Ferumbras Soul Splinter3380
an orc shaman385
an ice witch353
a thornback tortoise348
Charged Anomaly3404
a diabolic imp3229
a black knight358
a priestess372
an orc marauder3174
a novice359
a forest fury361
a pit destroyer3340
a woodling38
a deepling elite3122
a swampling329
a ghost wolf346
a lion312
a troll champion39
Koshei the Deathless346
a troll legionnaire345
a salamander321
a crocodile325
a troll329
an angry demon3147
a rift brood3114
a frost troll319
a stalker336
a nightstalker343
a young sea serpent3221
a shaburak demon280
a ghoulish hyaena2126
a dwarf geomancer242
a chakoya toolshaper218
a muglex clan assassin29
a tiger233
a shaper matriarch2102
a jagged earth elemental286
a diamond servant266
a frozen minion2274
a terror bird224
a dragon lord hatchling2116
a war wolf284
Arachir The Ancient One289
a noble lion235
a quara constrictor scout2115
a rift scythe293
an orclops doomhauler266
a skeleton warrior215
a goblin227
a glooth powered minotaur2338
a spit nettle225
a kongra243
a golden servant274
a gnarlhound249
a grave guard273
a rift fragment2341
a mercury blob244
a hive overseer2263
a feversleep2329
a shadow fiend2303
a wild warrior237
a pit demon2143
a shredderthrower2170
a badger18
a polar bear133
lizard abomination1169
a disgusting ooze1366
a marsh stalker112
a firestarter151
a tortoise146
a stone devourer1131
a roaring water elemental1114
an unbound demon1320
The Bloodweb177
a frost giant125
an ogre shaman146
a death priest151
a dragonling1285
a glooth slasher1412
a haunted treeling190
a dread intruder1421
a pirate ghost152
The Welter1113
a diseased Fred141
an orclops ravager155
a barbarian skullhunter118
a stabilizing reality reaver162
a minotaur bruiser18
a crustacea gigantica152
a pit groveller146
a flame1404
a barbarian bloodwalker133
Gnorre Chyllson180
a gloom wolf157
a muglex clan scavenger18
a spawn196
a pit lord1193
a charger1297
a dawn scorpion18
an insect swarm181
Bibby Bloodbath168
a sibang134
a tainted soul123
an infernalist1149
a leaf golem124
a shard140
a corrupted soul1269
a deepling master librarian1253
a shadow tentacle1292
a pit maimer1228
a solid frozen horror1251
a nightfiend1130
a gazer140
a shark183
a brittle skeleton18
a seacrest serpent1119
Zevelon Duskbringer164
a slug18
a slick water elemental196
a high voltage elemental1435
a parrot174
a winter wolf133
The Rage1558
an askarak demon175
a lizard noble1137
a plaguethrower1216
charging Outburst1315
a time waster1276
energy pulse1401
a twisted shaper1161
The Pit Lord1117
a deepling worker1112
a deepling tyrant188
an orc rider145
a nightmare1223
a pirate corsair127
The Lord1422
a goblin assassin110
a spirit182
a massive energy elemental178
a gladiator149
The Count1101
life drain1157
a deepling brawler1194
a starving wolf115
a bear121
a charged energy elemental1147
an enthralled demon1433
an unstable spark1366
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