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Second characters: common questions, answers and examples

How is it possible?
Do you check player's IP?
Wow, my favourite question! NO! We don't want and we CAN'T! The only one who could check player's IP is CIPSoft. We can know your IP when you browse our site or we can store information about characters you are watching but what for?! We can't know if character you are watching belongs to you or not! And we don't want to.
TibiaRing came into existence in 2005 to help fair players (me and my sons initially) using advanced but fair ways. Information.
My father told "Dishonest people are stupid. Wise man don't need to be dishonest". He was right and TibiaRing is fair!
You can remember my free checks!
But in this case your free checks would give empty results :)
You can remember account info before i've hidden my characters!
Well, NO. We don't want to do this and such information would be very risky. You can hide character, delete it, another player can create char using the same name... it's only the begining of problems.
Magic or what?!
Magic is cool of course but we prefer to call it science. Every time you check a character TibiaRing is doing few levels of complicated a bit analysis. There are few factors taken into account and large amount of data. All factors and data come from official tibia.com site such as online times. We don't need and will never want to use any other information, such as tibiaring.com site usage.
Statistics? Sounds strange...
Sounds or not, this system is working for tibia players since 2005. There was thousands checked characters and near no complains. But we always say - don't trust words. There are published results for top killer every week, you can watch them. You can check your own characters and get your own opinion. You can talk with friends about their checks.
Ok, ok! Statistics and other things but how accurate is this?
Imagine a big city where you live. You meet new man some day and you would like to know who are his friends. Well, you hire detective. What is he doing? He need some time to collect informations. He observe and logs any interpersonal information he can. Who the object is meeteng, do they laugh togeter, drink together, is it enough to tell they like each other. Like each other a bit or more, or can it be close friendship.
Detective can report results after some time. Can he just tell "the friends of object are X, Y and Z"? This would be bad answer! Friendship have many faces!
Can detective give you list such as "X 99%, Y 70% and Z 55%"? Yes, not bad but isn't it too general? Percents dont give you any factors to use your own experience.
Tibiaring gives you some balance. Characters are ordered by probability but score is an index and have two parts - positives and negatives. How to use them? read "Reading the results" below.
Can I cheat tibiaring and hide my alt?
Sure. This is possible, of corse, but hard. To be exact: there are natural reasons to not type a character as alt, newly created for example, but most ideas about cheating tibiaring found on forums are very risky in practice.
But how accurate is this?!
Ok, get a look at real data. No cheats, just summary listing of last checks, one by one (no names of course):
max scoremin scorecharacters in result
char level 199211106
char level 13521710511
char level 875401211
char level 82241810
char level 2624653911
char level 19992118
char level 666831911
char level 292501164
char level 21224128
char level 471303410
char level 11111731811
char level 47950050042
char level 218196105
char level 1026093011
char level 12978
char level 137106644
Not bad looking. One lvl 479 who is retired (I've chcecked this) have bad results.
Even lvl 1 (ONE!) with good, clear result. Ok, rooked guy.
See yourself naked - check your own character for free
Is there any risk for me?
No! We don't need and don't want to know any personal information such as your tibia.com password. NEVER enter your account information except tibia.com and observe that the connection is secure - starting from https://secure.tibia.com!
Code in my character's comment - is this legal taking into account the Tibia Rules?
Sure! This is popular those days and doesn't break tibia rules. More - you can delete this code right after use.
Can I refresh results?
No, sorry. You can use this option once per character. Once used the results will be the same.
Find your enemy's characters
What can I use this option for?
The only limit are your needs. some typical uses are
  • Just verify characters you meet in tibia.
  • Sometimes to know what characters to hunt.
  • Sometimes to know when to run!
  • War guild recruit? Check for spies, haters, cheaters.
  • Some people are using this option to have chance to find active characters of old friend looking like retired.
I'm from Optional PVP world. Is it a problem?
No, not at all. Many players from Optional PVP worlds are checking characters. What for? Hmm, ask them.
I was hacked!
Yes, we were too... our friends too...
First of all - DONT'T use public check in this case! It's useless 93%! Hacker activity is an exception to regular characters use. Yes, you have a chance. You know owned alts and you can see character who don't belong to you but chance is very low and confusing. If your hacked char is often used chance is lower!
Yes, it's real problem. We would like to help but try to understand... We really (REALLY!) tried to develop a method for helping in such a situation and result is constant. Yes, we could give you some usable information but this is VERY situation sensitive.
In short: sometimes we can help but it's very time consuming. Yes, we are trying to help everyone who ask (sorry, but some ppl on this planet should check wikipedia for definition) but we not always can.
If you want to ASK us for help then give us some information:
  • hacked character name, better all characters from account
  • last login/logout times (CEST) by you, no need to be precise, add characters name
And please, understand us and situation. Most of answers will be short, like "We are very sorry but we can't help"
Does this mean that it is useless to ask for help? NO!!!! Probably we can't help you right now. Sorry, really. But with every ask, try, with every information, data, we have higher chance of developing usable solution!
So ask! Some day we will be able to give players right answers, we hope. Due to your loss, due to your help.
I don't want to be hacked!
Great! Try to think!
Is it easy? No! Everyone can be hacked! Never think you are safe! For example - yes, we, at TibiaRing.com have corporate level safeguards including procedures but yes, we were hacked! One of our accounts was hacked due to carelessness of one of us. He wanted to play on OTS using IP changer... Sorry to all OTSes but... it was risky, bad idea.
Hacks, is this common risk? YES. If you have 1 cent there will be man on this planet wanting to steal your one cent.
How to prevent it? Die!
How many characters can I check using one code?
One code - one character.
Can i buy code and give it to friend or sell ingame?
My results looks like nonsense! Will you refund?
No, sorry. You don't pay for results that you feel are good. You pay for processing and results regardless if you will like them. It's not our fault if checked player don't have any alts, for example.
I hate one guy! How often is there sense to check his alts?
Hard to say. It depends on how is he using his characters but I think that more than once a week is useless.
Reading the results
Those characters in result... are they from one account?
Not necessarily. We don't take account information into account. Selected characters are used by the same person, no matter accounts.
Same person - is this exact?
No. Better to say "same computer". Get two brothers using one PC, playing simultanously. There is low chance to treat them separately.
How exact are the results?
It depends on how much data we have. If character is new, not played or week after world transfer we have some data, you will get the result but it will be low quality probably. You should take it into account!
Resulting characters are from one world or all worlds?
One world! Only world of checked character.
There was world merge. When there is sense to check characters from this new one?
From day 0 - immediately. We do merge all of our data.
Score - is this percent?
No it's not! It's an index. More - it's value dont have meaning without other values with one exception: if there are only values such as 500, 450, 300 that means low quality result because lack of data. But this doesn't mean "high numbers are bad"! Result where high score is 2000 and low is 15 is GREAT! See examples.
Score like 123, 45 what does it mean?
The first part are positive indications. This is the main index and it take negatives into account. The second part are negatives and it informs you about this fact. For example results are:
  • char1 1000, 0
  • char2 1000, 55
  • char3 500, 0
  • char4 50, 34
  • char5 48, 2
  • char6 48, 0
This is example of typical, very good results. char1 is alt owned and used by checked player!
Char2 have same score but 55 negative index - yes he is using this character but he is not the only user! More - scores are the same (1000) but char2 have negatives which lowers score. Conclusion? He plays more intensively with char2 because scores are the same though negatives lower main score.
char3 - score 500 is still much above char4 - char6 (50). No negatives. Yes, this is clear alt. Just less used.
char4 - char6? We call it "background". Those scores are important to show you how much, proportionally, scores of char1 - char3 are bigger.
Those background scores - can they have any meanig except that above?
Yes. There can be real alt between those characters but we are not able to expose it. If it's important to you, you can check those characters using another, ingame ways. Or kill them all if it's not the case.
Are there other helpful information in results?
Sure. Guild for example. It's common to have alts in one guild or to share druids. You can read character names carefully - Names created by one person often are literally similar or sound similar.
There is char X played daily and some char Y, logged from time to time, it's alt I think. I want to be sure. Should I check X or Y?
If you check char X: char Y can be in results and often it is but not necessarily. High played characters have many random similarities. Low played char Y can look like them. The advantage is high chance to get other, more played alts of X
If you check char Y: Probably it's main char X will have high score but there is high risk to get low quality result if char Y is really rarely played.
Typical examples taken from real results
Good, clear results
  • Example 1
    char12110Bingo! Very high distance from background, no negatives. This is main, personal alt!
    char2510Sure, another alt, just less played
    char3510same as above
    char41572The background begins here.
    char51444It's typical - low indexes
    char6105and negatives
  • Example 2
    char1290Bingo! This IS high distance from background characteristic for often and long played characters. Background at 7 - 9, clear distances between consecutive charaters
    char2211I'd say, yes, alt. 1 for negatives? Can be accident, can be occasionally shared
    char31230worth to look at him ingame
    char412271worth to look at him ingame even more! Very high negatives and high position? I'd say - often shared char for sure
    char590The background begin here.
Problematic results
  • Example 1
    This result is good but not very useful. Why good? Many different values ranged 18 - 24 means good amound of data. But why we can't see here anything clear? Common reasonos:
    • This player don't have alts used regular way. Happens.
    • This character is regularly used by many players.
    Can you use those results anyway? Yes, you can but together with your ingame knowledge. If you suspected char X to be alt of checked char and char X is in result then yes, I would be sure.
bad results
  • Example 1 - we are checking character CIP
    CIP - same name as checked char, score 100, the only result - this is correct result. The character CIP have no usable data to give you even bad choice! It wasn't logged in for very long time for example.
  • Example 2 - typical new, rarely played or short after world change character XXX
    char54501Is this background? Yes, formally.
    char64501But we have low data... don't trust in those differences too much
    How and when you can use this information? For example - one lvl 5 on rookgaard said "I'm Blood Hero lvl 500 ruling the server, give me your rat!". If you will check character Blood Hero you will not find character XXX in results probably due to another alts or accidental coincident characters will have much more priority for this old, commonly played hero.
    If you do check character XXX as in example there will be only small amount of data. From one day... two? Accidents will look same as real compliance.
    But if there will be character Blood Hero... Yes, this is more than accident.
bla, bla, bla. I'v got results, read explanations and I'm still confused!
You have 2 main choices:
  • Use contact form (left menu) and ask for help. Yes, we are really very busy but we are trying to answer.
  • You can use chargeback, PayPal complain, scare us with US army (happened, hehe). What can I say? Formality is a formality and we don't do anything beyond formal reaction.
Your fun and all information here come from tibia.com due to day by day effort of cipsoft gmbh
tibia.com is the only source of exact information about your favourite online game Tibia.
TibiaRing by Krzysio
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